A pied à terre, a residential home, a furnished rental: a property is worth what the most suitable buyer will pay for it. Correctly positioning and effectively marketing the property is key. With no multiple listing service (MLS) in Paris and an “every agent for himself” mentality, that challenge is even greater. For this reason many owners choose to list with several agents in the hopes that their property will get better exposure. But what they end up with is a race to sell the property quickly, often at a lower than optimal price, as each agent’s primary interest becomes their own fee on the sale. 

We take a fresh, client-focused approach. 

We provide you with an honest valuation and propose an ambitious sales strategy that is tailored to meet your timeframe. From the start we offer a commission share on the listing to any other agency, thus casting the widest net possible, boosting the number of offers and maximizing the sale price. We negotiate vigorously and meticulously manage the entire process from showings through to close, to ensure the best conditions for you on a smooth and successful sale.

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